Dinosaur Delights: A Letter from Volcano Island

Guess what roared into our postbox today? A special letter from none other than Dinosaur Adventure Live‘s Ranger Rachel! Get ready for a peek into the dino-filled adventures on Volcano Island.

Hi Young Explorers!

Ranger Rachel here – how T-Rex-iffic to meet you!

We have been busy here on Volcano Island taking care of our resident dinosaurs and making sure they enjoyed the holidays with lots of dino dances! The new year has brought us some new additions to our already roarsome family – we can’t wait for you to meet our baby dinosaurs!

The ancient volcano has been rumbling a lot lately which is upsetting the raptors, but we are managing to settle them at the moment. Did you know velociraptors can jump as high as 3 meters and run as fast as 40km an hour? We are thinking we may need to move to a different location but we need help to keep everyone safe! Would you like to help us?

Have to dash as the triceratops are ROARING for their dinner! Did you know triceratops means ‘three horned face’? They have roughly around 800 teeth!

Feeding time is the most fun here on Volcano Island, but we must keep our dinosaurs separate as our T-Rex would love to order our triceratops on the menu every day if they could! Did you know the Tyrannosaurus rex is Greek for ‘Tyrant Lizard King’? They have 60 8-inch long, razor sharp teeth and the strongest bite of any land animal ever! We have to be careful we don’t end up on their menu!

Hope to see you soon,

Ranger Rachel xx

Dinosaur Adventure Lives returns on 12 February. To book tickets, click here.

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