Mouse-Less Ways to Zoom

You can zoom in/out to increase or decrease the size of our website in the browser. Methods to achieve this vary between devices are browsers, however the most common method it is press Ctrl and + to zoom in, and Ctrl and - to zoom out.

Access Keys

Access Keys provide alternative navigation without using a mouse.

This site uses the following Access Keys:

  • N: skip to the Main Navigation links.
  • S: skip to the Page Content.
  • W: go to the What’s On page.
  • A: go to the Access page.
  • H: go to the How to Book Tickets Online page.
  • Y: go to the Your Visit page.
  • C: go to the Contact Us page.
  • T: go to our Twitter page.
  • I: go to our Instagram page.
  • F: go to our Facebook page.
  • 1: go to the Home Page.
  • 3: go to the Site Map.
  • 0: go to this Accessibility page.

The way to activate the access key depends on the browser and its platform:

Firefox: Alt + Shift + key
Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome: Alt + key or Alt + Shift + key
Opera 15+: Alt + key
Firefox 57 or newer: Control + Option + key or Control + Alt + key
Firefox 14 or newer: Control + Alt + key
Firefox 13 or older: Control + key
Chrome, Safari: Control + Option + key or Control + Option + Shift + key
Opera 15+: Control + Alt + key