Through The Looking Glass – Taunton Brewhouse GROW Commission

In July 2022 Taunton Brewhouse will showcase a free interactive video installation entitled ‘Through The Looking Glass’ delivered by Somerset based artist and creative technologist Richard Tomlinson.

The installation will allow visitors to fast forward through billions of years of life on Earth, glimpsing ancient microscopic organisms from the earliest multicellular life on Earth, to the the first animal life (a mere 800 million years ago), then leaping forwards to the Cambrian period (a time when animals had the ability to drastically engineer their environment).

The title ‘Through the Looking Glass’ refers both to the idea of a magical lantern that projects images of life through the ages while referencing the looking glass as a mirror, inviting visitors to reflect on how their actions impact on the Earth.

The installation will be accompanied by a companion piece produced as a result of a series of community engagement activities. This piece will feature a ‘Talking Heads’ video sequence of children addressing visitors to the gallery, providing guidance on how they might lead a more sustainable life.

In the run up to the exhibition in July, Richard will publish one online artwork per month on this webpage. These artworks will document the progress made on the project and offer an insight into Richard’s creative practice.

To learn more about Richard, please click here.