8 Interesting Facts about The Little Prince

To celebrate the opening of this year’s Christmas show, The Little Prince, we thought we’d share 8 interesting facts about the much-loved novel.

1) Saint-Exupéry knew a thing or two about plane crashes

In 1939, during an attempt to break the record for the fastest trip between Paris and Saigon, he crashed his plane in the desert 125 miles outside of Cairo.

2) Writing also helped him to manage stress

In 1942, following a period of illness and exhaustion, Saint-Exupéry was encouraged to pen a children’s book to help him combat his nerves. That book was The Little Prince.

3) The story is popular around the world

The Little Prince has been translated into over 300 languages, making it one of the most widely translated texts in the world. Have you read it?

4) …and it’s had its fair share of adaptations!

The Little Prince has also been adapted into various art forms including films, plays, radio broadcasts, operas, and even a graphic novel.

5) It’s a big screen hit

The first film adaptation was by Lithuanian filmmaker Arünas Zebrünas in 1976. Several adaptations have following, including the2015 animated feature starring Jeff Bridges.

6) Saint-Exupéry’s legacy lives on

In 2000, on the centenary of his birth, the Lyon Satolas Airport was renamed the Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport in honour of the aviation pioneer.

7) Metta are paving the way for circus theatre

Metta Theatre’s adaptation of The Little Prince is among the first circus musical adaptations. Renowned for their imaginative theatricality, they have also produced musical adaptations of The Little Mermaid, The Jungle Book, and Wind in the Willows. Read more about Metta here.

8) It’s one of a kind

Since re-opening in 2014, The Little Prince is the 8th Christmas show produced by Taunton Brewhouse. It is also our first circus musical! How many of our festive productions have you seen?

The Little Prince runs at Taunton Brewhouse until 30 December. Book your tickets here!

Find out more interesting facts about the show in our souvenir programme. Purchase yours at the checkout or visit our merchandise kiosk before or after the show.

Photography © Alex Brenner

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