Main Auditorium

The main house is a proscenium arch theatre with a distinctive trapezoidal apron. The seating is arranged on a tiered rake, providing excellent sightlines to a maximum of 352 audience members.

The auditorium can be reconfigured to include a central vomitorium, and the stage is thrust and trapped – allowing for entrances from beneath or the opening of a flexible orchestra pit. Back of house comprises four dressing rooms (with full amenities) and a green room. All our facilities are accessible.

Taunton Brewhouse operates a sliding-scale of hire rates depending on the type and status of your organisation and usage rate. Bookings are subject to VAT on a contract-by-contract basis, dependant on services provided by The Brewhouse. We are happy to go through the details with you and provide a quote based on your needs.

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Key Features

Max Capacity: 352 (depending on sound desk position)
Width: 10.1m Depth: 9.95m inc apron Height: 6.65m to grid

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