HomeBrew Artist Commissions

With support from Arts Council England, we’re keeping audiences and artists healthy, happy and creative during lockdown with these exciting new projects.

HomeBrew’s commission strand invited local artists to produce work that will inspire, inform and entertain audiences online.

We have awarded six, £1,000 commissions to digital artists, to create new work that is proudly and inherently digital, with each project exploring an unseen, unknown or unexpected side of Somerset.

Learn more about these exciting new projects:

Artist: Ben Hall

Project: Brassknocker, 1979

Artist: Emma Grazette

Project: Black Voices of Somerset

Artists: Joe Garbett & Elinor Lewis

Project: Where You To?

Artist: Akulah Agbami

Project: A Symphony of Somerset


Artist: Mumblecrust Theatre

Project: The Fairy Battle of Buckland St Mary

Artist: Ellie Westbrook

Project: Looper: Looped


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