After the Interval – Audience Survey

Since reopening in 2015, The Brewhouse (run by Taunton Theatre Association) has proudly served the people of Taunton and surrounding communities.

Now our much-loved venue is temporarily closed, as we play our part in preventing the spread of coronavirus.

Although this is a challenging time for us all, it is also an opportunity for us to take some time to plan for when we can reopen our doors and welcome you back.

We have no past experience to draw upon for a situation like this – so we really need to hear your thoughts on the current situation and how you feel about attending events again at some point.

We have worked with our partners, Indigo to develop a short online survey and we would be grateful if you would spare us a few minutes to complete it.



Your responses are completely anonymous, and will be used to inform our own planning, as well as being added to responses from all over the UK to help produce a national picture.

Indigo will only have access to your responses for analysis and will not be able to see any of your personal information.


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