Your Heart Is Too Loud

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80 Minutes
£ 14.00 - £ 17.00
Age Guidance: 11+
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How are we living now?

What would we change if we were given just months, weeks, days to live?

Your Heart Is Too Loud is a dance theatre production which explores the ways we choose to live and die, tackling the feelings and emotions that surround death and the longing we all feel to live more fully in the moment.

Audiences will follow the lives of four people as they face death (both literal and metaphorical) within their relationships. This tender, provocative new work is about love, devotion, loss, memory and resolution. It talks to the importance of connection at times of adversity and how we shouldn’t wait for death to reignite our relationship with life.

Created with the intention of being more accessible than other dance pieces, this production uses movement, voice over, text and original score to help tell the story and create a more familiar narrative experience.

If you haven’t seen a live dance performance before, this production serves as a great introduction to the compelling and exciting world of live dance theatre.

Take a look at Sweetshop Revolution’s website for more information.



Book tickets to Your Heart is Too Loud before 30 September and enjoy £12 standard and/or £10 student tickets using the code IHEARTDANCE.

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