The Washing Machine of Destiny

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80 Minutes
£ 7.00 - £ 12.00
Age Guidance: 12+
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What happens when two Devon fellas on the autistic spectrum decide to pool their passions – music, technology, washing machines, mystery adventures, superheroes, jeopardy, magic, and even more music – and make a play about being neurodivergent?

The Washing Machine Of Destiny is what happens.

Whether all our planned one hundred and forty-two scenes will make it onto the stage is another matter, but we are going to be doing our absolute best to make it a splendidly entertaining and enlightening experience for everyone, including us. Remember, when you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met… one person with autism.

Living Room Theatre presents a comic but powerful play full of bonkers ideas with a knockout musical soundtrack. Devised and performed by Luca Saunders and Philip Robinson who are both on the autistic spectrum, and directed by Pippa Marriott, who isn’t.

Come for a wash, rinse and spin cycle: you’ll emerge refreshed, enlightened and smelling wonderful – can’t guarantee that last one, tbh.

Every performance of the show will be relaxed. Here is an overview of what this means:

  • We know that attention looks different for different bodies and minds. For some people this might involve making noises or moving around. Venue staff and performers will confidently welcome people who move and make noise into the performance space.
  • Ear defenders will be available for anyone to use during the show. These will have been carefully cleaned before each use.
  • We will have a ‘traffic light badge’ system available to wear should you wish to. RED – Don’t talk to me, ORANGE – Wait until I talk to you, GREEN – Talk to me anytime.
  • You can leave and come back in at any time. There will be a chill out area outside the main performance space which can be used at any time during the show.
  • There will be an announcement at the start explaining that it is a relaxed performance.
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