Mystery Stories Writing Workshop with PaddleBoat Theatre Company

This event has passed.
90 Minutes
£ 14.50
Age Guidance: 8-14 years
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Join PaddleBoat Theatre Company for an exciting murder mystery creative writing workshop.

You’ll learn the building blocks for what makes a great whodunnit. From slippery suspects to suspicious settings, and red herrings to big reveals, get ready to pen your own mysteries that keep readers guessing until the very end.

Be sure to also catch PaddleBoat’s Framed! which plays in the Main House at 2pm.

About Paddleboat Theatre Company:

Born from the vibrant city of Exeter, PaddleBoat are committed to delivering high-quality productions and exciting workshops for children and families across the South-West.At the heart of their work is the desire to inspire and engage with the young minds of tomorrow.

Their award-winning productions always blend creative storytelling with playful and engaging audience interaction, inviting audience members to embark on journeys, create adventures, and get lost in magical worlds together.

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