Expressive Painting & Drawing – Figuration to Abstraction

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360 Minutes
£ 66.00
Age Guidance: 18+
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Join artist Sara Dudman for a wonderful workshop learning all about figuration to abstraction.

In this workshop, participants will explore the work of William Scott and themes of pots, pans, and pears. This acrylic painting workshop will focus on techniques to loosen up representation and move towards creating simplified or abstracted interpretations of objects.

This workshop includes collaborative participation activity.

Expressive Painting & Drawing Series

Rooted in 2oth Century and 21st Century landscape and organic still-life genres, each workshop will explore one of the core principles of composition, colour, tone, shape, form, texture and line, providing participants with the foundations to achieve the level of abstraction / representation they are looking for in their artwork.

Focussing on increasing confidence and technical skills in acrylic painting and drawing, as well as pushing the boundaries of figuration / abstraction, these workshops draw on Sara’s own knowledge and painting processes, as well as taking inspiration from the work of other pioneering artists.

Each day will include a series of drawings and paint experiments, along with every participant creating their own acrylic painting on canvas (approx. 30 x 40cms).

Also part of the series: Expressive Painting & Drawing – Tone, Texture & Colour Harmonies

Materials provided:

• Paints, drawing materials, canvas, paper, photos or still-life objects to work from

Materials not provided – please bring:

• Mixing palettes, water pots, aprons
• Optional – Table easel / your own brushes / your own photos / objects to work from

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