Hal Cruttenden: It’s Best You Hear It From Me

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120 Minutes
£ 21.00
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After 21 years and 224 days Hal’s back being single. But it’s all going to be fine.

Instead of getting the therapy he clearly needs, he’s made a cracking show about it. He’s lost enough weight to almost get his wedding ring off and, while he may be flying solo, he’s far from alone; he’s got his grown-up daughters, his dogs and his divorce lawyer. The fickle finger of fate has turned Hal’s life upside down but he’s sticking a finger right back at it.

★★★★★ ‘Go and see Hal Cruttenden, he’s got something to say and he’ll make you laugh a lot!’ Daily Mirror
★★★★★ ‘Funniest he’s ever been.’ Sunday Times
★★★★ ‘The comedy gift that keeps on giving.Scotsman

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